Sharon Sandel

Eclectic Asheville NC area Art

About Sharon Sandel

I am a native Floridian from Jacksonville.  I graduated form the University of Florida before going on to teach for several years.  After teaching I decided to go down a different road and entered the real estate field as a residential real estate appraiser where I worked for 24 years.

During all my working years, I took painting classes, intent on pursuing my passion in life.  At this time I live in Weaverville, NC. I have spent her summers in Weaverville for some time, but also previously owned property in Vero Beach, FL, where I spent my winter months.  Living in two distinct environments has influenced the content of my work, but my love of the play of light on water or scenery is always reflected in my pieces.

I work in traditional oil, acrylic, and watercolor mediums, but I also love exploring new ways of using these materials. Please fell free to browse my website galleries. I hope you find enjoyment in my art.